MER. is a publishing house looking into the book medium as an art medium or as a place for exhibiting art. MER. is an initiative of Studio Luc Derycke.

AudioMER is a recordlabel that releases experimental music on vinyl with a focus on great artwork by contemporary visual artists.

AsaMER is a series of monographies and historical/critical books on art and architecture. 

AraMER is the MER. imprint that focuses on artistic research. It strives to have its books peer-reviewed, and publishes in collaboration with academic institutions. 

MediuMER gathers visual arts crossing with public —and private— everyday culture.

MER Station is a series of nomadic curatorial experiments re-thinking artists' books for exhibiting in non-book spaces.

ARA stands for Artistic Research Archives and is a platform to distribute and disseminate artistic research in printed media. ARA was initiated with the School of Arts, University College, Ghent; and is open for institutions publishing artistic research.