Being In Playing
Jan Steen

SC / 308 pages / 29,7 x 21 cm
Published by
Jan Steen
Studio Luc Derycke
Graphius, Gent
978 94 9177 556 7
35.00 euros

This publication includes six fictive conversations on the dynamism and processes that are at the basis of the actor’s dramaturgy. These conversations never really took place – or at least not outside the author’s own thinking process. The interlocutors are not based on real people. They are not psychologically realistic characters, but ‘voices’ that speak and argue from the perspective of their specific functions within the field of theatre. They are perspectives and functions that the author himself has experienced and through which he has reasoned throughout his whole professional life, being an actor, a director, a teacher and still considering himself to be a student. The dialogue format offers an opportunity to engage in a dynamic and open ‘conversation’ with these different functions and with the reader of the text, without any hierarchy among them. Complementary to the text, there are photos and a DVD with images of the author’s work. Comes with DVD. Images by Kurt Van der Elst.


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