Sculptures & Drawings
Herma De Wit

SC / 152 pages / 32 cm × 24 cm
Loes Claessens
Cassochrome, Waregem
978 90 8931 951 7
39.00 euros

Herma de Wit lives and works in Amsterdam. After studying at the Rietveld Academy and following a career in fashion de Wit shifted her interest to visual arts. Since 1999 she has been creating art pieces going from fragile sketches of flowers to robust bronze or wooden sculptures. A guiding principle in her practice is her fascination for natural cycles, which gives rise to reflections about emotion and processes of life and ephemerality. Distinctive in her work is her flawless sense of detail and technique, her balanced sensitivity and powerfull femininity.

In the course of time, de Wit’s work has become more monumental; by incorporating steel and robust materials and enlarging the scale she triggers a tension between the vulnerability and strength of nature. 

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