ik wordt
Johan De Wilde

SC / 300 pages / 24 x 17 cm
Published by
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
EN / NL / NO
Studio Luc Derycke
New Goff, Mariakerke
978 94 9177 504 8
29.00 euros

The book runs parallel to the exhibition of the same title—it is as such not a record of the exhibition—the book exists as exhibition. The title I become refers to the drawing of the same title by Johan De Wilde and to the request he addressed at 300 people to take part in a solo exhibition by associating something with one or several of his works. All texts and images, and an equal number of fragments from the Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco—a reference to an in situ work by the artist—are depicted in the book in their mutual relationship. One of the questions the artist raises, is how the work of art (and therefore also the artist) relate as form and contents to the outside world, including when it is not being looked at (at nighttime, or when the museum is closed, or when the work is stored away in the museum depot). Another issue entails a critical approach to the viewer’s participation. According to De Wilde, art only exists if it is created all over again. The artist thus argues in favour of the museum and real commitment.

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