Gabriel Orozco

HC / 184 pages / 28 x 19 cm
Published by
Philadelphia Museum of Art and MERZ
Luc Derycke
90 691 7004 3
0.00 euros

Through Gabriel Orozco’s (°1962) diverse practice including photography, sculpture, painting and video, the artist tries to explore new ways of looking at things deriving from random encounters and spatial relationships. His work exists mainly of found materials and situations manipulated and photographed to create surprising, even humorous interpretations from their banal or familiar means. At the turn of the millennium his project was situated around the question “How do you take the weight out of sculpture?”  In this publication Orozco continued his experimentations with perceptions of gravity and weight. Photogravity is a pictorial essay of the artist’s installation made for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, including extracts from his notebook. Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, October 27 – December 12, 1999.

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