Book #1 L01 2018
Pieter Huybrechts & Erki De Vries

HC / 30 Leporello pages / 24 x 18 cm
Published by
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
Pieter Huybrechts & Erki De Vries in conversation with Luc Derycke
Cassochrome, Waregem
978 94 9069 392 3
350.00 euros

With Book #1 L01 2018 Erki De Vries and Pieter Huybrechts present the first result of their enquiry into the spatial potential of a book. In line with their earlier work that focused on spatiality considered from installation art and photography, in Book #1 the two artists explore an extra layer by integrating the medium art book. Can the architectural use of this art form possibly result in new images and experiences?

Starting from an in situ installation that literally positions the environment, scale model and photography on a single line, the transformation into an art book creates a particularly hybrid experience of space. Immaterial trompe l’oeils and the material dimensions of the book are literally built on top of each other. Virtual images, the essence of architectural elements and type page fade into each other as a material montage on the interface of film, photography and mental architecture.


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