Qué le importa al tigre una raya mas
Ricardo Brey

SC / 200 pages / 24 x 31 cm
Published by
Bart De Baere, John Welchman, Jesse McKee, Thomas Miessgang, Sandra Sosa Fernandez
Studio Luc Derycke
Cassochrome, Waregem
978 94 9177 535 2
35.00 euros

This book can be seen as the core – or at least a main synthesis - of the overall aspiration of Ricardo Brey for his upcoming project in Cuba. It has therefore been developed as a separate undertaking. While it is not an artist book in the traditional sense, it is definitively a project by an artist. Its ambition is to create a sense of the artistic space that Brey wants to offer, with a polyphony of voices and an immersive sphere in which a quality of behavior is of prime importance. It will offer an integral view of his oeuvre, in which the historical is integrated but the focus is on present validity.

This book comes out on the occasion of Brey’s eponym show, which will open on April 10th at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Havana, Cuba. In 2015, the show will be featured at M HKA, Antwerp.


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