Eurasian Academical Tour 2017-2018 for the Mobile Medium University
Luc Deleu

80 x 80 cm
Published by
MER. Paper Kunsthalle
Luc Deleu
MILO PROFI fotografie, Duffel
500.00 euros

Luc Deleu is a Belgian conceptual architect, urbanist and artist. He studied and teaches at the Higher Architectural Institute Sint-Lucas, Brussels. Together with Laurette Gillemot he created T.O.P. Office (Turn on Planning) in 1970, a studio for urbanism and architecture, which won the 2014 Flemish Culture Prize for Visual Arts. He launched numerous proposals to rethink the use of space throughout the globe, and reflects on the occupation by man of the earth's surface. Deleu's thoughts are manifested in his anarchistic-utopian models. He filters his thoughts in drawings and models, which propagate his fresh vision on a reorganisation of an overcrowded world. 

Digital C-print (80 x 80 cm) signed and numbered from 1 to 50, production MILO PROFI Photography, Duffel (B).

This artist edition is an imaginary voyage for the project Mobile Medium University (from 1972 on three recycled aircraft-carriers), which is planned for October 1st 2017 until June 30th 2018.  

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