Towards the soul of the wine bottle
Adriaan Verwée

29,5 x 12,5 x 12,5 cm
450.00 euros

Artist edition specially designed on the occasion of MER. Station 11, held at Netwerk, Aalst (B) in the Spring of 2015. Each of the 20 boxes contains Verwée's artist book 'Under a poor cloak you commonly find a good drinker' and a signed and numbered silk-screen print. 

In his MER. Station 'Towards the soul of the wine bottle’, artist Adriaan Verwée (°1975) explored the possibilities for translating his artist’s book back into a spatial intervention. Starting from the individuality of his practice, which is characterized by a particular interest in architecture, a startling process of transformation takes place. With a powerful physical gesture, the artist demolished the sculptural contours of Netwerk and allowed a new installation to rise from the ruins. The remains of the presentation material were reorganized in the new order and supplemented by new works created specifically for the site. These objects in turn relate to the soul of his publication, the hollow space in which artistic sediment accumulates. 


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