Volume I
Wim Delvoye

HC / 122 pages pages / 22 x 16 cm
Published by
Luc Derycke, Ghent in co-production with Delfina, London
Gerardo Mosquera, Luc Derycke, Adrian Dannat, Josefina Ayerza
Claudia De Backer
90 6917 001 9
0.00 euros

The visual part of Volume I consists mainly of installation views of the work of Wim Delvoye (1965). His work is characterised by the ironic way in which he mingles high and low culture. Fascinated by the banality and the disgraceful Delvoye likes to provoke the audience. Combining this banality with his interest in traditional handicraft, the artist tries to translate the old urge for perfection to a contemporary context. This publications contains an introduction by Gerardo Mosquera. Essays by Adrian Dannat and Josefina Ayerza and a conversation between Delvoye and Luc Derycke, in addition to a list of works, a bibliography and a list of exhibitions. 

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