Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen 2013-1663

HC / 302 pages / 28 x 21 cm
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Eric Ubben, Johan Pas, Hans Theys, Paul Illegems, Sarah Heynssens, Jan Lampo, Piet Lombaerde, Jozef Glassée, Saskia De Bodt, Katrien Dierckx, Peter van de Moortel, Dries Lyna, Griet Blanckaert, Veerle Stinckens, Beatrijs Wolters Van der Wey
Jan Mast in conversation with Nico Dockx
Graphius, Gent
978 94 9069 375 6
35.00 euros

Contradictions is a critical biography of one of the oldest art academies in the world and the first monograph that is dedicated to its history. 
The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts was the result of an initiative by the Antwerp painter David Teniers the Younger. Its foundation in 1663 marked the beginning of rich history that is being celebrated today. Fifteen experts were invited to write a chapter of this history. 
Their stories highlight different aspects of the academy's foundation and its evolution through four centuries. The book kicks of with the 20th century and ends with the 17th, the 19th century being the turning point in the academy's history. Attention is also given to the building history, the relationships with Antwerp and to the rise and breakthrough of the famous fashion department. Apart from many previously unpublished visual documents, the book contains a detailed chronology. 


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